Best Pilates in the SCV

Experienced, Certified Instructors, State-of-the-Art Studio

Voted the “Best Pilates Studio in SCV” since 2006, we strive to earn that honor each year by serving our loyal members, achieving their individual fitness goals, and by concentrating the personal relationship between our business and our clients. The Pilates Pros is not a gym or fitness center that tries to offer many different services to the customer; we specialize in Pilates and are considered the experts in this field, which is the reason we have the most successful and loyal Pilates following.

We Believe

Our success is due to the expertise of the instruction, and the relationship with you the client. We believe in offering  the same commitment to each client and providing expert results with our Pilates techniques. We create a positive and fun environment which makes your workout not only more productive, but ensures an enjoyable experience thereby removing any boring grind you’ve had at other studios.

Melanie Rivadeneira

Meet Melanie

Owner of Pilates Pros+

My goal is to bring awareness and appreciation to everyone that wants to explore Pilates. I believe absolutely everyone can benefit from the principles of Pilates. Trained and certified in Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Kid’s Yoga, AIS Stretching and Creator of Mini Lattes. I love to be creative with my clients,  and yet continue to teach them the benefits of exercise, and to teach fun, interactive classes to adults and children of various ages and abilities. Our studio operates at a 70 percent capacity for Private/Semi-Private sessions and 30 percent group instruction.

Our Studio

We have been voted Best Pilates Studio in Santa Clarita for over a decade. We offer a personalized service where we focus on each of our clients goals. We consider our clients friends as well as partners in acheiving all your fitness wants & needs. We utilize the best equipment including top of the line Reformers, LifePro Vibrations plates, Rollology Rollers and much more.